Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC): A Powerhouse in the UAE’s Investment Landscape

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a magnet for international investment, and at the heart of this growth lies the Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC). This article delves into EIIC’s role as a key player in the UAE’s investment scene, exploring its strategies, focus areas, and the broader landscape of investment companies in the UAE.

EIIC: A Strategic Investment Arm

EIIC is the strategic investment arm of National Holding, a prominent Abu Dhabi-based conglomerate. Established in the early 1990s, EIIC boasts a long and successful track record of identifying and nurturing high-potential companies across various sectors. Their focus lies on generating sustainable value through long-term investments, contributing to the UAE’s economic diversification efforts.

Key Strategies of EIIC:

  • Active Investment Approach: EIIC takes a proactive approach to investment, engaging in direct investments, co-investments, and fund investments. This allows them to tailor their involvement and spread their risk across various opportunities.
  • Global Reach, Regional Focus: While EIIC actively seeks opportunities worldwide, their primary focus remains on the UAE and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This regional expertise allows them to leverage local knowledge and navigate the business environment effectively.
  • Long-Term Vision: EIIC is a patient investor, seeking companies with strong growth potential and a commitment to long-term development. This aligns with the UAE’s vision for a sustainable and diversified economy.

Examples of EIIC Investments:

EIIC’s diverse portfolio reflects the UAE’s economic diversification goals. Some notable examples include:

  • Investments in established UAE entities like Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Abu Dhabi National Hotels.
  • Backing for promising companies in sectors like technology, healthcare, and education.

The Broader Landscape of Investment Companies in the UAE

EIIC is just one example of the many successful investment companies operating in the UAE. The country boasts a thriving investment ecosystem with players catering to a wide range of sectors and investor profiles. Here’s a glimpse into the broader landscape:

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: The UAE houses some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, such as Mubadala Investment Company, which play a significant role in driving economic growth through strategic investments.
  • Private Equity Firms: Numerous private equity firms operate in the UAE, providing capital and expertise to promising startups and established businesses.
  • Family Offices: Family offices with a long-term investment horizon are increasingly active in the UAE market, seeking opportunities in various sectors.

This diverse mix of investment entities fosters a dynamic environment, offering a wide range of investment opportunities for international players.


Emirates International Investment Company (EIIC) is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to attracting international investment. Their strategic approach, focus on regional expertise and long-term vision contribute significantly to the country’s economic diversification goals. Understanding EIIC’s role and the broader landscape of investment companies in the UAE can empower international investors to navigate this exciting and promising market.

Looking Ahead: The UAE’s investment landscape is constantly evolving. As the country embraces new technologies and fosters innovation, EIIC and other investment companies will likely adapt their strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities. This continuous development ensures the UAE remains a major player in the global investment arena, attracting international capital and fostering sustainable economic growth.

By Skyla